Students Demanding Answers after Online Classes Disappear

LITTLE ROCK, AR – A spokesperson for Arkansas Baptist College says they started enrolling students before their updated financial aid system for online students was ready. Because of this they suspended all online courses.

Students say the school already received their financial aid money. Now, they’re wondering where that cash is going to and what’s going to happen with their education.

Henry Rodgers said, “We thought they might have given a week off due to a break time or something of that nature.”

Rodgers explained that’s what students were told about the courses they had already enrolled in.

He should have started his five week class in February. Five weeks had gone by though and he hadn’t heard anything.

Students tell Fox 16 the school has not relayed to them what the problem is or when it would be resolved.

Rodgers added, “That’s where the major frustration is coming from.”

The school has already encountered issues with handing out students’ federal work study funds but they say they’ve fixed that problem, chalking it up to a keystroke mistake.

This time they say automative issues with their financial aide system forced them to suspend all online classes.

Rodgers says enough is enough.

“I was thinking about withdrawing from the class there and withdrawing from the school.”

He says he plans to get his education somewhere else unless something changes soon.

“The hard feelings now are with the lack of communication from the college.”

The majority of the online students we spoke with used federal financial aid to pay for these courses. The school had already drawn that in before classes started.

Arkansas Baptist College says anyone who may have paid for the courses and is eligible for a refund has received it.

The spokesperson for the college says the problem should be resolved and the school will be back to normal in a couple weeks.

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