HOT SPRING COUNTY, Ark. — In Malvern, a car crashes into a home on Highway 67, leaving the family who lives there to pick up the pieces. Now, luckily, no one was home at the time, but they say the house is a total loss.

Driving along Highway 67 in Hot Spring County, you can see a blue tarp draped across a home.

“It’s a total loss”

Bobby Wedsted a family friend – says the homeowners were at a friend’s house when they got a phone call from the sheriff’s office. “They told her the home had been hit by a vehicle and the roof over the porch, it was actually laying on the back part of the SUV after it had stopped.”

Footage taken by the family – shows the SUV being pulled out of the home. “It went through the front of the house and just stopped short of going through the other side.”

Wedsted says the driver of the SUV ran away, but he left a major clue behind, his wallet. “It had all of his information in it, and his cell phone was actually in the vehicle.”

The couple’s car also damaged– but their home, destroyed. All that’s left now– they say — is for the driver to come forward. “I hope the person that did this turns himself in, because if he’s hurt no matter what the situation is we don’t want him suffering.”

The family says the driver who crashed into their house left his wallet behind, so they think they know who did this. We reached out to the Hot Spring County sheriff’s office to ask if anyone has been arrested– we are still waiting to hear back.