SWAT Team Arrests Veteran After Standoff

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Officers and SWAT teams stormed a Little Rock home Friday morning after a veteran barricaded himself inside threatening to harm officials.

Police said they were at a standoff with self proclaimed ex-Navy SEAL for nearly three hours. Residents said the scene was tense as they held their breaths and whispered prayers for a peaceful end.

Armed and bracing for fire, dozens of SWAT team members surrounded the W 12th Street home.

“It shocked me,” said Adrian Bryant who witnessed the event.

Police said they received a call that 50-year-old Charles Pagues was chasing a man down Woodrow Ave. with a mailbox he uprooted to use as a weapon.

“He ripped the mailbox off the stand and while he was doing this, police were approaching and he ran inside and barricaded himself,” said neighbor Arthur Wright.

While inside, officers say Pagues warned he was armed–screaming to authorities he was a veteran and he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“Something told me to look for cover because he could have shot out the window at any given moment,” said Bryant.

As armored officials approached the door, they said they heard a weapon loading.
After multiple attempts to try and get Pagues to surrender, the veteran did not comply. Authorities said Pagues began throwing toiletries and other household items at police. SWAT used teargas to smoke him out.

“I was just like, ‘Oh, I hope they don’t shoot anyone,” said Bryant.

Pagues was arrested and hauled away in an ambulance. Neighbors said he suffers from PTSD and becomes erratic when he doesn’t take his medication. 

Despite the dangerous situation, onlookers said they didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

“When you have a person in the military and they’re serving for our country, you feel for them,” said Bryant.

Pagues was transported to UAMS where he is receiving treatment.

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