A steady stream of people come into The Tobacco Outlet in DeWitt.

But in the last couple months, between pipes and papers, a different product sat behind the glass.

“When it came in, I was just a little taken back,” one employee said. 

What was stocked was synthetic urine. 

A hot commodity that employees say sold out quickly. 

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard of that,” Sarah Harris said. 

Harris frequents the shop but never saw the fake urine being sold.

“I think that’s weird,” she said.      

The product was also foreign to the DeWitt Police Department until  Troy Bramley, 26, came to take a drug test and used it.

The product is illegal to sell or use in Arkansas.

The crime is a misdemeanor but because Bramley was on probation, he was arrested for intent to defraud a drug or alcohol screen.

“He overheated it. When he tested it showed over 100 degrees,” a DeWitt Police Officer said.  

The Tobacco Outlet has three locations in central Arkansas and distributes to several more around the state. As of this week, they are free of fake pee.

“He has insured that none of our stores or our warehouse have any of it on the shelving,” the employee said after talking with the owner. 

As criminals get more creative, police hope to flush this problem out of DeWitt.

The product was about 5 dollars. 

The store did not face any fines because when police went to investigate, they were sold out. 

Arkansas Tobacco Control says selling synthetic urine is a violation of Arkansas Criminal Code. 

However,  if the ATC receives complaints, they are passed along to the local jurisdiction. 

If you see it sold in stores, let your local law enforcement know.