Teacher educates young students about September 11 attacks 


BRYANT, Ark. – For most of us, we remember exactly where we were and what we were doing the day the Twin Towers fell.

For students in school, they weren’t even alive when it happened. That’s why a Bryant Middle School teacher says it’s so important to share those details with his students. 

Dane Abels remembers September 11, 2001 well. Eighteen years later, he’s in his classroom teaching the next generation.

He’s a 7th grade social studies teacher at Bryant Middle School.

“The fact is, they live in a nation that was changed by that before they were born,” Ables said. 

Abels says that why this topic is such an important lesson to learn.

“They never knew what it was like to go through airport security as we have it today.” 

He says through his class students ask questions. He says they even get passionate about the topic.

“I see emotion from these students.” 

He says he has a physical connection to September 11th. His cousin was in the Pentagon when the attacks happened.

“He actually felt the blast. He said the smell of jet fuel was on him.” 

Teaching the next generation about the past gives him optimism for what’s to come.

“We do have a  lot of hope in this future generation.” 

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