Teen Gives Twin Brother a Voice at the Capitol

LITTLE ROCK, AR – “Its time to take off our blinders and just how important Keaton’s Act is to the state.”

High schoolers have taken over the state capitol today as they hit the Senate and house floor for Boys State.

While most teens are there to learn the ropes of legislation, one mock senator is there to be the voice for his twin brother.

Legalizing marijuana has been a hot topic all over the U.S. and while groups try to get it on the ballot in Arkansas, today one teen had a chance to present a mock bill in front of his peers.

To legalize the drug he says can make a big difference in his brothers life.

“I see what he can’t do and what I can do but then that helps push me further and helps me try to find treatments for Keaton,” says Kaleb Turner.

It was edit after edit as Kaleb Turner waited to step on the senate floor to not just present a bill to be passed but share a story about his twin brother.

“16-years-old and his life is changed by a diagnosis of Epilepsy. The boy I am speaking of today is my twin brother Keaton.”

The bill known as Keaton’s Act would legalize the use of medical marijuna in the state.

Currently Kaleb’s brother Keaton is on 15 different medications. That is why his family began to look for other solutions.

“Kudos to my parents, they did a lot of the research they informed me on a lot of it because they care so much for Keaton and they want treatment for him.”

And although this isn’t real legislation, Kaleb knows it will make a difference.

“I knew coming to Boys State this week that if I was able to be on the senate that I could get legislation passed that might not necessarily make it legal in Arkansas because it is Boys State, but that would influence Arkansans around the state and would allow groups to use the pass of the bill to influence Arkansans as well,” says Kaleb.

A difference for Keaton.

The Boys State Senate group passed the bill.

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