Terrified deer crashes through window of a spa


PINE BLUFF, Ark.- A scared deer scared a Pine Bluff woman half-to-death Tuesday morning, when it suddenly came crashing through her shop window.

The horrifying moment and the employee’s screams were caught on camera at Angel Eyebrow Threading and Waxing Spa.

The woman at the spa was carrying on with her day as usual, when she heard the loud crashing of glass, thinking perhaps it was at first gunfire. she then saw the wounded deer.

Employee Sammie Sadanala, described her coworker’s experience, saying
“It was a crash- She was assuming like somebody might have shot or somebody was breaking down the glass. She was thinking that she was getting robbed.”

The poor deer stopped for a moment after coming through the glass, but when the woman began to scream in terror, it flopped around looking for an escape route.

After that, men nearby heard her screams and ran into help, not yet knowing what exactly they were running into.

The deer is thought to be okay, although it was bleeding when it finally ran away, back toward the intersection, after the men helped it out.

Shop owners tell us they were working to get the window repaired, before the close of business.

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