FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) – The Arkansas men’s tennis team is the definitely the definition of a melting pot.

They have players from five different countries: France, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain and the United States.

The multiculturalism even extends to the coaching staff.

“They have a great coach here and the assistant coach here is also from Serbia so that’s really fun,” sophomore Aleksa Bucan said.

While the sport is universal, the atmosphere is not.

“College tennis is just another world. It’s crazy you have a lot of cheering, play a lot of music, it’s very loud, people are very intense about it, back in France in my experience you have to be quiet, and here it’s wild, it’s great, but it’s really different,” senior Nico Rousset said.

Not only did these player have to get used to that crazy enviroment, but also how Americans play.

“You just gotta know that they are very intense and will do anything to win. It’s really cool how here in the US they like they put a lot of importance into sports, and like everybody lives for sport,” sophomore Adrien Burdet said.

It was tennis who brought all those players to Arkansas and bonded them together.

“We all play for the same reason, the love of the sport, the spirit, there’s so many things that relate to all of us because of tennis ya know. When we go on the court, we know why we are doing it. Now that we are here we are doing it for the Razorbacks, but also cause we learn about each other and I think that’s great,” Rousset said.

When it comes to tennis, it really doesn’t matter where you are from because the language of the sport can be understood by every player.