Murfreesboro, Ark. (News Release) – It took less than an hour for Dan Frederick and his daughter Lauren to spot a 2.03-carat white diamond on the side of a plowed furrow at Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State Park. The Fredericks arrived at the Arkansas State Park diamond site at 8 a.m. on Monday, October 3, 2016 and by 9 a.m. they were holding “The Lucky Diamond.”

The first time was the charm for the Fredericks. They’d never been to Crater of Diamonds State Park before. In fact, they traveled all the way from Renton, Washington based on what they found when they searched the internet for “places to find gems.”

They found their gem near the Star of Arkansas diamond marker on the north end of the park’s 37.5-acre diamond search area. Frederick said he spotted the diamond’s metallic shine on top of the ground about three feet away from where he was standing.

“Dan Frederick has proven, once again, that it is possible to find large, beautiful diamonds while surface searching,” noted Park Interpreter Betty Coors. “This is an example of a diamond that all park visitors dream of taking home.”

Larger diamonds are occasionally found on top of the search area by park visitors. Diamonds are a bit heavy for their size, and when rain washes dirt away, they are sometimes exposed to the surface. When the sun comes out, they sparkle and are easier to spot.

Dan and Loren Frederick say they plan to keep their diamond. However, they haven’t said what they will do with it.

In total, over 75,000 diamonds have been unearthed at the Crater of Diamonds since the first diamonds were found here in 1906 by John Huddleston, a farmer who owned the land long before it became an Arkansas State Park in 1972.