The rules of golf


You can pick up a copy of the rules of golf at practically any pro shop. There are a lot of fine points pertaining to tournament play that the average golfer doesn’t have to memorize in order to enjoy the game, although it’s a good idea to carry around a copy for reference. For most golfers, there are three basic rules to keep in mind. ‘Play the course as you find it. Play the ball as it lies. And if you can’t do either, do what’s fair.’ In addition to the official rules, there are generally some local rules that apply at individual courses. These are usually printed on the scorecard, and you should read them before you begin your round. Here are a few more general rules to keep in mind: Mark your ball before you start. Many players use the same brand of balls. Don’t give or ask for advice from anybody except your partner or your caddie. When teeing off, be sure that your ball is even with, or up to two club-lengths behind, the tee-markers. Sometimes the rules may be different, depending on which type of game you’re playing. In match play, the number of holes won or lost determines the game. Stroke play is the type of game where the total strokes for the round determines the winner. Play according to the basic rules and consult the official ones whenever there’s a question.

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