Thief steals mail containing money donation from a non-profit organization


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A non-profit organization in Little Rock is trying to figure out why somebody would steal from them.

Family Home is in the midst of a very important fundraising campaign and every penny counts, but somewhere between the sender and the receiver something happened.

This thief did not break into the building, instead someone opened a letter for the Family Home and then stole a money donation inside that was going towards a fundraiser that they have next month.

Gina Newman is the director and says she didn’t even notice it until she started going through the mail.

Newman is always working hard at the Family Home in Little Rock.

“We are essentially a home away from home for people getting out patient treatment and parents with premature babies at the NICU at UAMS,” Newman said.

Newman serves as the Executive Director and her routine keeps her busy.

“I check with the board members to see what’s going on,” Newman said.

On Monday she noticed something out of the ordinary after the post man left.

“He gets here around 11 so I’m looking for donations and checks,” Newman said.

Someone had already opened a letter with a money donation inside from Oklahoma City.

“It was from our corporate donors who always donates to our silent auctions and they said they had donated some gift items and they were enclosed,” she says.

It wasn’t until Newman said that she put everything together to realize what had happened.

“Somebody has opened the sides and kind of closed it up and taken out the insides,” she says.

Inside the letter was money that was for the organizations annual Monster Bash fundraiser next month.

“It is terrible to steal but these donations are so important to us because we will put them in our silent auction and our live auction and that’s where we make our money to operate to maintain the home to be open,” says Newman.

She says she doesn’t know why someone would take something that doesn’t belong to them.

“If you really need something ask me and i’ll try to help you in anyway I can just don’t steal.”

Newman believes it happened from within Oklahoma City to Little Rock.

She says that the letter was mailed on Friday.

Newman says she’s had the same postal man for four years.

She got the mail right after he left on Monday.

She says that the donor is going to resend the gift again.

Newman filed a report with the post master inspector.

They’re going to be opening an investigation to figure out how this happened.

Stealing US mail is a felony and you can face jail time and a fine up to $250,000 dollars.

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