Thief Takes Wedding Ring at Cabot Flea Market


CABOT, Ark. – A local woman’s wedding ring was recently stolen at a flea market and it’s all captured on camera.

The 12-hundred dollar ring was taken as an employee was showing rings to a customer.

Angela Roark had been trying to sell her wedding ring for extra money after her marriage went south. Now, she’s looking for the man seen in surveillance video she says stole not only from her, but her kids as well.

For two months, Angela has been selling her items at the Flea Bitten Flea Market in Cabot. She’s selling things in a booth and in a case.

“This is a showcase meant to be locked,” she explains.

Roark keeps her most expensive stuff behind the glass.

“So people won’t steal out of it,” she says.

But on Saturday, that’s just what happened.

“I discovered my $1200 wedding band had been stolen,” she continues.

When Angela noticed one of her rings was missing, she went to the security footage to see who was at her booth earlier that day.

“The owner came over and he goes, ‘we have video where they’re taping all sorts of locations of the flea market,'” she says.

The video shows the man standing at her case, asking the owner about her rings.

“When he saw they weren’t looking, he picked the wedding ring up with his left hand,” she says. “He slyly put it in his left pocket digging around like for a business card.”

The flea market cameras picked up his stealthy act.

“I’m very thankful that Flea Bitten Flea Market has video to record here and were able to see the moment it happened,” Angela says.

While the flea market and Roark have always been careful, she’s now extra careful to make sure the glass case is always locked.

Angela says she’s been in contact with the police and given them the video as well. She’s hoping someone will come forward who knows who the man is.

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