Thieves Steal 20k Dollars Worth of Items From Storage Unit


JACKSONVILLE, Ark.-A Jacksonville man says a Grinch stole $20,000 dollars worth of items from his storage unit.

 Richard Rose told police everything from clothes, tools, electronics and a travel trailer were all stolen. He said the people left behind a big mess.

Ross said the thieves cut the locks and took almost everything he had.

All of his stuff was in storage at Capital Holdings Storage on West Main street in Jacksonville.

His possession have been there for a year and he said he never had any problems until now.

“When I got here the locks, they were empty. I had two paddle locks one on that side and one on that side,” Rose said.

Rose said he is angry and frustrated.

“How would you feel if you lost all your stuff,” Rose said.

“They stole a tool cabinet, the tool chest, tool box. I had two pails filled with tools,” Rose said.

He came to the storage unit on Friday to check on some things.

“When I opened up the unit the first thing you would have seen is a motorcycle sitting right here,” Rose said.

“Everything was trashed, my totes were broken, they took what they wanted,” Rose said.

Rose said the thieves left behind evidence.

“They put these boards on their trailer and that’s how they got everything out of my unit. They slid onto their trailer,” Rose said.

Fox 16 spotted a unit being held open by a wooden stick.

“You got units over there that are wide open there is a problem here,” Rose said.

He called the front office demanding answers.

“I can’t get a hold of here I left three messages,” Rose said.

As he tries to move forward, he hopes others won’t become a victim of theft.

“Anybody that has a storage in this facility you need to come check your unit,” Rose said.

Rose moved what he did have left to a different storage. He said he called the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney’s Office.

Fox 16 reached out the management office. Our phone calls and text have not been returned.

There are security cameras in place at Capital Holdings storage and signs that say they’re in use.

Rose hopes those cameras are working so he can catch the people in action. Otherwise he’s hired an attorney to try and get some of his stuff back.

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