Thieves Targeting Grieving Families


SHERWOOD, Ark. — Police in Sherwood are investigating multiple break-ins where thieves targeted homes of families who recently lost a loved one. 

Two homes were hit hours apart just after midnight Saturday. In the first case police say a family member was at home sleeping and scared the intruder off. Across town another home was hit when police say someone broke a window and smashed items inside. Officers say that triggered a security alarm and the intruder ran. 

“Whenever there’s a death in the family everyone will go to the funeral and that’s usually a good time for a burglar to go, especially if they can confirm no one was there,” Officer Keith Wilson explained.

With both break-ins happening in the early morning, police believe whoever is behind these may be younger. 

“Maybe kids heard watching for a death in the family and they didn’t quite understand what they were doing,” Officer Wilson added. 

In both cases nothing was taken from the homes. 

“You’ve lost somebody, that’s overwhelming, that’s very upsetting. You wonder what they would want to steal,” said Jennifer Monterola, whose neighbor’s home was hit. 

One of the families tells Fox 16 they’re having to pay thousands of dollars between home repairs, added security, and a police detail that’s been watching the home. 

Police believe the thieves called one of the families dozens of times the day before the break-in, trying to figure out if anyone was home. 

Officers recommend calling police to ask for extra patrols or having a friend or neighbor watch your family’s home if there has been a death or you’re leaving for a funeral. 

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