Tick Troubles Come Early This Year

BENTON, AR — You may have noticed ticks popping up around Central Arkansas sooner than normal. According to bug experts, that’s because we had a longer, wetter spring giving them time to move quicker.

The disease-carrying ticks don’t fly or jump, but instead, wait on trees or tall grass. Then, they drop on a “host” which can range from human to animal.

So, it’s important to check yourself and your pets after leaving shaded and brushy areas.

Christian Wilcox with McCauley Services said, “Your clothing, the creases in your clothing, see if you possibly pick one up and get it off before it has a chance to bite and a good suggestion would be to use personal repellants like OFF or something of that nature.”

When it comes to your yard, we’re told the best thing to do is keep your grass and trees trimmed. If you’re still having tick trouble, you can call an exterminator because there are treatments available.

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