ARDOT study focuses on Broadway, asks neighbors for input

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s infamous for high speeds, accidents and late-night drag races. But a one-mile stretch of Broadway in Little Rock might just be getting a bit safer.

It’s all thanks to a new study by the Arkansas Department of Transportation, asking neighbors to weigh in on what should be done to better improve the area. 

The stretch of US 70 from I-630 to Roosevelt Road is a residential quarter with only two stop lights. Neighbors say car wrecks are common and high speeds make it dangerous to even cross the street. 

Lacy Selig and her family live right on Broadway. With a young daughter and two dogs to take care of, they’re hoping something can be done to make the road less dangerous.

“We love where we live,” Selig said, “but we’d like to see ways to get the cars slowed down.”

They’re one family of many planning on adding their comments to the study, something put forward at the state level by Representative Denise Ennett (District 36). 

“It’s been an issue for a long time downtown,” Ennett said. “[Neighbors] want to reduce the speed, make it more pedestrian friendly so you can safely ride your bike or safely cross the street.”

The launched ARDOT website includes graphics of data on wrecks and traffic previously collected by surveyors and asks participants to offer their insight into the roadway and what they think should be done to improve it. 

Neighbors like Jeffery Hubbard say making it more accessible to pedestrians is key. 

“I think if they extend … the road a little bit more, people would be more comfortable so they could walk,” he said.

For Selig and her family, tightening traffic lanes could also be an option for reducing speeds, and spruce up the historic neighborhood. 

“We used to have a big green median and wouldn’t it be great if we could do something like that?” Selig added. 

Those looking to pitch in will have from now until October 3rd to share their thoughts. You can find the study here

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