BEEBE, Ark.-A father in Beebe is not giving up on finding his son who’s been missing for almost eight months.

34-year-old Nathan Allen was last seen at the Economy Inn on West Dewitt Henry Drive in Beebe on June 29, 2019.

“I think he’s been hurt and I think someone knows what happened and I hope they will come forward and say something,” Lee Allen said.

Lee Allen says it’s been tough not knowing what happened to his son.

The family put flyers all around Beebe and they’ve spent countless days searching for Nathan.

“He’s about 6″4′ and about 340 pounds,” Lee said.

Lee Allen tells us about his son Nathan through flyers.

“He was a good guy, he was big and everybody liked him,” he said.

Nathan has been missing since 2019.

“Well I feel depressed and loss of hope you know of him being alive,” he said.

His father thinks something happened to him at the Inn in Beebe.

“That’s where it started, I think something happened to him right here,” he said.

Allen says Nathan had a home, job and he questions why he was at the motel.

“I got a call from his girlfriend, she told me that his truck was down at the economy inn, it was sitting down here for a week,” he said.

Since June, he’s searched the woods and different places around town.

“Nothing turns up, no clues, nothing happened, no cell phone and no trace of any kind it’s just hard to go on like that,” he said.

Allen says something’s not right about Nathan’s disappearance and he’s not stopping until he has answers.

“At this point, I don’t expect to hear anything good because if something did come up he would have shown up by now,” Allen said.

Allen says Nathan has a distinctive tattoo on his right forearm.

Allen says he is going to meet with detectives on Tuesday.

Beebe police tell the investigation is on-going and they’re doing all they can to find him.