PINE BLUFF, Ark.-“He didn’t deserve that. He had his whole life ahead of him good kid didn’t deserve that,” Shajuanna Burnett said.

A Pine Bluff family is remembering the life of a loved one who died two years ago.

Chauncy Long was shot and killed two days after his 18th birthday at an apartment complex.

His murder remains unsolved.

The family says it gets tough every year knowing they will never see Chauncy again.

On Sunday, they celebrated his 20th birthday, despite him not being there.

“It would really be great if he was here. We miss him so much,” Clarence Long said.

“He would have been turning 20 years old,” Burnett said.

Pictures of Chauncy cover the walls and tables at the New Zion Faith Center in Pine Bluff.

Chauncy was a son, new father and loved by many.

“He was like the spotlight. He knew how to come in and make everyone smile, laugh,” Burnett said.

He was shot and killed at an apartment complex on West Short 3rd Street in Pine Bluff.

“That night just to know that he was taken was like I feel like a whole part of my soul left,” Burnett said.

Two years later, the family is still praying for answers.

“Someone definitely knows what happened and we just wish someone would just come up and say what happened,” Long said.

As another year passes without Chauncy, the family says they will always keep his spirit alive.

“I will not stop letting him know that I’m here,” Burnett said.

“Long live Chauncy Long. Long live Chauncy,” Long said.

The family says Chauncy was getting ready to graduate and wanted to be a psychiatrist.

He leaves behind 3 siblings and a son.

Police say they’re actively investigating this case. If you know anything give them a call.