Board of Directors discuss how plastic bags impact the City

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The City of Little rock already has many task forces that include the Little Rock Zoo, Crime Prevention, and parks.

But what if the city created a task force to study the impact on plastic bags.

The topic was discussed at Tuesday’s board of directors meeting.
People use them at the store for groceries and around their house.

But officials say the bags can also cause some damage to our environment and oceans.

The board wants to form a study to consider possibly eliminating plastic bags, plastic plates, bowls, cups and utensils within the City of Little Rock.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Ward 3 Director Kathy Webb talked about how some cities have passed bans on plastic bags while others have passed a nickel fee when it comes to using them.

If the resolution were to pass the group would also find other eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives.

Webb says the Little Rock Sustainability Commission meet Friday and they unanimously endorsed the support in creating this task force.

She says giant retailers like Kroger have already agreed to phase the use of plastic bags out over the next few years.

“I personally would like to get rid of plastic bags. I try not to use them myself but I think that’s it’s important we study this,” Webb said.

“We’ve got one planet and I think we need to be more responsible,” Webb said.
In December the Little Rock City Board passed a resolution banned the use of styrofoam at City Hall

The board will vote next Tuesday. A report will be presented at the end of the year.

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