Breast cancer survivor encouraging others to get screened on National Mammography Day

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today is National Mammography day.

Not only are doctors urging women to get screened, but so are survivors here in Arkansas.

One survivor, Kari Campbell was wearing pink inside the CARTI Cancer Center of Little Rock as women made their way in for National Mammography Day.

She hopes to be an inspiration to other women as she now battled breast cancer for the second time in six years.

“My cousin was like ‘Kari how did you find out you had it the first time,’ and as I was showing her I felt the second knot,” Kari said.

Both times she found a lump in her breast during self-examination and being only 25 years old the first go around, doctors say women of all ages should be doing the same.

Dr. Stay Foley with CARTI says every month all women should look for lumps or changes in their skin. But, as you get older, stressing the importance of seeing your doctor for early detection is key.

Both Foley and Kari agree, if you feel like something isn’t right with your own body, push to see your doctor sooner rather than later.

“Don’t just take no for an answer– go to a breast center and get it checked out for yourself,” Kari said.

Dr. Foley says it’s essential not to skip your annual mammogram after you turn 40, and that cancer can happen to anyone.

She says she recently diagnosed a woman in her 90’s with advanced breast cancer, who had not seen her doctor in years.

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