LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-Scary moments for some Arkansans aboard a cruise ship that collided with another cruise ship in Cozumel, Mexico last week.

Incredible video shows the moments the Glory crashed into the Legend, which had already docked.

One man from Conway describes the scary trip back after the accident.

To go across the gulf with a hole in the ship and not knowing the extent I mean you gamble essentially,” Josh Halamek said.

Josh Halamek was a passenger on Carnival Glory and says the trip was just a complete mess.

He says from a lack of communication with Carnival to not being able to enjoy all of the festivities, he says the cruise line could have handled the situation a lot better.

“It’s just been a fiasco of issues that continued to spiral,” Josh said.

Our Re’Chelle Turner spoke to him via Facetime from Shreveport, Louisiana.

“Well it is definitely better to be on dry land,” he said.

He and his partner spent $1,800 dollars on the trip. They were aboard Glory when it collided into Legend on Friday.

“I thought it was a rough docking but it kept on rocking with the waves, so the cabinets in our state room were opening and closing,” Josh said.

Heavy damage could be seen on the front end of Glory.

“At first I didn’t know what was happening. The Carnival Director did announce that the way they phrased it was we had a boo-boo and when you get off the ship looking at the massive hole it was more than a boo boo,” he said.

Josh says things only got worse as they traveled above sea.

“When we left port there was still a hole in the ship and I have a picture in which they were showing the ship cruising in the sea with the hole in it,” Halamek said.

He says there was no sense of urgency or alarms, and workers didn’t know what was going on.

“Coming from a customer you would want to feel validated and heard and I felt like there was none of that was not present and so with that it does give me a tendency of not wanting to go on another Carnival ship,” he said.

Halamek says he even called carnival on Monday and was given a $100 dollar credit.

Carnival released the following statement:

“Carnival Glory had an allusion with Carnival Legend this morning in Cozumel. Carnival Glory was in the process of docking when it made contact with Carnival Legend, which was already docked.

We are assessing the damage but there are no issues that impact the seaworthiness of either ship. We have advised guests from both ships to enjoy their day ashore in Cozumel.

Since our initial assessment, six guests with minor injuries have presented themselves to the Carnival Glory medical center for evaluation.”