LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Fire investigators are working to figure out what sparked a fire on the roof of a downtown hotel. 

The Little Rock Fire Department responded to the Marriott Hotel, located at 3 Statehouse Plaza around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. Black smoke could be seen coming from the top of the building.

Firefighters said the fire involved a piece of plywood under a metal stairway on the roof that caught fire.

A spokesperson with the LRFD said there are no injuries connected to this fire.

Since the fire was exclusive to the outside of the building, no fire alarms inside went off inside.

An unidentified person inside the Robinson Center, involved with the Miss Collegiate America Scholarship Pageant, reportedly saw the smoke billowing from the top of the Marriott and pulled the fire alarm inside the Robinson to alert fire crews.

That caused the pageant to be halted and an evacuation of the Robinson Center, along with the Marriot Hotel being evacuated soon after crews arrived.

Fire officials say the extent of the damage has been contained to the roof.

The hotel has returned to its regular operations.