Dr. King’s Nonviolence 365 Orientation kicks off; Arkansas MLK Commission members participate

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ATLANTA, Ga, -It’s been 51 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.

The Civil Rights leader prompted change and left behind a legacy that will forever live on.

The King Center in Atlanta brings in more than 650,000 visitors from across the country to view illustration and teachings of his life.

This week the King family hosted a training that focuses on nonviolence violence and social change.

It’s a event the Arkansas MLK Commission attends every year and our Re’Chelle Turner traveled exclusively with organization.

“When you come here there’s a feeling of service,” Tiffany Pettus said.
“It’s walking in the footsteps of giants,” Pettus said.

From the inside, outside, around every corner and wall is something about the King Legacy.

“This is the dream of Mrs. Coretta Scott,” Charles Alphin said.

On Friday, members of the Arkansas MLK Commission took part in Dr. Kings Nonviolence 365 Orientation.

“And we’ve been doing this since the 80’s,” Alphin said.

Charles Alphin is the Senior Trainer for the King Center. He teaches the six principles of nonviolence Dr. King wrote after the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

“One this training is implacable to 2019 it’s not 1960’s civil rights movement and number two there is much more to Kings philosophy than protesting and marching,” Alphin said.

Courtney Williams and several others from across the country learned about de-escalation of violent situations, conflict resolution, forgiveness and the value of diversity.

“The training this morning has been very impactful it has already given me the tip of the iceberg on what to expect,” Williams said.

Vital steps members will bring back to Arkansas to inspire others.
“We are looking at partner and work with through the school system by trying to put a lot of the principles of nonviolence into the curriculum,” Scarbrough said.

The words and wisdom of Dr. King will continue to flow in the right direction.

“If he were here today through social media to push his message can you imagine the unbelievable reaction we would have throughout the world,” Scarbrough said.

The training starts again on Saturday.

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