Drivers still waiting for pothole repairs on busy road in NLR

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-“A year ago this month I heard that they were going to have it fixed in 2019, well here we are in January of 2020 and it still hasn’t been fixed yet,” Jeffrey Berry said.

Potholes creating more problems for drivers in North Little Rock.

We first told you about Batesville Pike Road last year after people were fed up with bumps, cracks, and craters damaging their cars.

The busy stretch of road starts in North Little Rock, goes through Pulaski County and ends near Camp Robinson.

Last year, the city told our Re’Chelle Turner they had plans to overlay the road last year but it never happened.

The City of North Little Rock says the particular road is waiting on a bid to start the overlay process.

Leaders say it’s a top priority compared to other projects they’re working on, people say they won’t believe it until crews are actually working in action.

“It starts with a small hole after the rain and then the cars hit and it just gets bigger and bigger,” Jeffrey Berry said.

Jeffrey Berry is tired of potholes along Batesville Pike Road in North Little Rock.

“To be honest with you I’ve lost count, there are several hundred,” Berry said.

He says the road is falling apart more and more each year.

“It’s almost like a game where you have to swerve between the potholes constantly because they will pop up after every rainstorm,” he said.

Leaving a big hole in his pocket after he says the road bent the rim of his tire.

“I had to replace that the entire tire and on our Kia we damaged the suspension it cost me $700 dollars,” he said.

We spoke to Shae Porter in January of 2019 who told us about the same problem.

“It’s so pitted and so full of craters,” she said.

Fast-forward a year later and nothing has changed.

“I was just excited last year to have you point it out with the other lady I wished it had made a difference that they would fix it like they had promised,” Berry said.

The City of North Little Rock tells me the road waiting on a bid to start the overlay process.

“This needs to be done it needs to be fixed,” he said.

The city says the bidding process should happen in the next 3 months before repairs are made.

“I would not hold my breath that’s going to happen this year,” he said.

Berry says the potholes are not the only problem.

He says the busy road needs street lights and guard rails along several curves.

We will be sure to keep you updated as those repairs start.

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