Friend wants justice in loved one’s death

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INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, Ark.-In Independence County detectives are still trying to figure what happened to James Bushart.

His body was found inside a dumpster earlier this week in Independence County.

Four people in Lonoke County are facing a number of charges including Capital Murder.
The four arrested are identified as Christy Dennis 41, Robert Clark 44, Timmy Hubmann 41 and Robert Garner 64 all of Lonoke County.

They were taken to the Lonoke County Detention Center and placed with a No Bond pending 1st appearance.
Amber Anderson is heart-broken. She says she and James were in a relationship for 17 years.
She says he was a good person and it’s still hard to believe someone would hurt him.
Amy Anderson flips through memories she shared with James Bushart.

“We dated for 17 years but, really the last few years we lived here as roommates,” Anderson said.

Anderson said James was silly and fun to be around.

“He loved music and he loved to have a good time. He was smiling most of the time and chatted to himself. Always giggling,” Anderson said.

He had a big heart for this three dogs.

“Oh he loved Lola. First thing when he got paid he bought pet food and supplies for the dogs,” Anderson said.

All she has left is pictures and memories of Bushart.

“Just a big shock like it’s not true,” Anderson said.

Earlier this week detectives in Independence County found Bushart’s body inside a dumpster.

“Why would someone even do that to anybody you know,” Anderson said.

The investigation led authorities to a home on Mt. Tabor Road just south of the City of Cabot.

Deputies connected the four suspects to Bushart’s death.

“It’s just not fair you know you just think why and why so horribly why so violently,” Anderson said.

Anderson is still lingering with questions. She says James will always have a place in her heart.

“Just disbelief, shock and awe and still like is he going to come to the door smiling  and see the dogs and the dogs are going to be happy to see him, Anderson said.

Anderson says James would have been 50 years old later this month.

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