Little Rock group raising awareness to end family separation at the border

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Raising awareness to end family separation at the border.

It was the goal for dozens of people who stood outside the State Capitol pushing for change.

The organization, Arkansas United, said there is a crisis at the border.

They want to let hundreds of families know they support them and they want Congress to hear their voices.
“No hate no fear immigrants are welcomed here,” supporters chanted.

Dozens of supporters stood outside the State Capitol Saturday.

“Tell me what America looks like this is what America looks like,” supporters said.

Arkansas United say they’re raising awareness alongside several others groups.

“This atrocity that’s essentially going on at our borders these families are being torn apart,” Reyna Marquez said.

They are praying and hoping to end family separation.

“They live in fear every single day they don’t want to leave their homes,” Marquez said.

Many supporters held signs. Cary Donahou said she wanted to be a part of the change.

“People have got to see you. It’s not okay to hate it’s not okay to break families apart and it is not okay to turn the other way,” Donahou said

Indivisible of Little Rock and Central Arkansas making sure representatives hear their voices.

“To keep fighting and sending a message to Congress to close those concentration camps and end funding for,” Loriee Evans said.

State Senator Joyce Elliott said we should never leave the immigrant community alone.

“It is important for people to know you care because in this world if my family was in this position I am absolutely certain I would do the very things they are doing to have a better life for my family,” Elliott said.

They say they hope everyone can stick together.

“We have to realize that the United States is not just about the Hispanics because we have all different nationalities and everyone is an immigrant we are an immigrant nation,” Lesly Mendez said.

After the rally people had the opportunity to sign up to vote.

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