Little Rock Police joins Neighbors app by Ring to help solve crimes

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark- The Little Rock Police Department has a new set of eyes that can help catch the bad guys in action.

They teamed up with Amazon’s Neighbor By Ring App.

The neighborhood watch app lets you view things happening when someone comes to your doorstep.

It’s easy and works through your phone.
Police can view the video and talk to neighbors when something happens. 

People can also get real-time crime and safety alerts from law enforcement.

You’ve probably seen the Ring Camera before. It gives people access to check on their homes anytime.

“Hey sorry I’m not there right now,” a man said through the Ring Doorbell App.
Louene Lipsmyer lives in Woodrow Street in Little Rock. She has a Ring camera and says it helps protect her property.

“We’ve had some people getting into cars on this block within the last month,” Lipsmyer said.

Little Rock Police are joining over 250 police departments across the country who are using the surveillance system to help solve crimes a little faster through Amazon’s Neighbor By Ring App.

“We can go in and look at videos if the citizens are partners with the Ring doorbell app if we have a package thief or a burglary we can go in and ask that person hey do you have any video,” Lt. Michael Ford said.

Once the video is uploaded through the app, officers will have access to the footage through a portal.
It also notifies police if an incident happened at a particular time.

Many people are pleased with the new growing trend.

“I think it fantastic. The more police protecting we can get the better it is for us,” a woman said through the Ring App.
Through the app officers can also send out crime and safety alerts to different neighborhoods.

“I like the idea because That way we can share the information with them and hopefully they will be able to find the people that are doing it,” Lipsmyer said.

A neighborhood watch right at your fingertips.

“It just makes me feel safer,” Lipsmyer said.

Police say you don’t need a ring device in order to receive some of the alerts.

You may want to think twice before taking something that’s not yours because stealing packages is a felony and you could face some jail time depending on what’s

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