LR Woman files report after leaving phone in an Uber car

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-“A catastrophe, a technological catastrophe is what I would say,” Crews said.

A Little Rock woman says she’s been having a difficult time after she left her phone in an Uber car.

The woman says she reached out to the driver and the ride-sharing company dozens of times but never had any luck until she got Little Rock and Cabot police involved.

“It’s not safe, never again,” Crews said.

Cara Crews says she is done with Uber.

“Basically I got shut out of my life,” Crews said.

It’s a moment in her life she can’t forget.

“Well it started on Friday 13th and still it’s on going,” Crews said.

On that day she was going to have some fun with a friend.

“We were going to have a girls night out,” Crews said.

They requested an Uber to Southwest Little Rock and Crews had her stuff sitting in her lap.

“When I slide out of the car my phone dropped,” Crews said.

She got ready to pay, showed her ID, and that’s when she realized.

“I immediately knew that my phone was gone,” Crews said.

She reached out to Uber and even called her phone.

“Probably 40 times. I got nothing and my original fear is that another Uber customer got in and took it,” Crews said.

Crews said she freaked out.

“I have my drivers license, my debit card and credit card inside there,” Crews said.

Four hours went bu and she finally got in touch with the driver. Crews said she wanted to meet in Cabot.

“I was not going anywhere at midnight to anyone’s home,” Crews said.

She filed a report in Little Rock and officers contacted Cabot Police.

“On Tuesday Cabot Police was about to issues a warrant her arrest,” Crews said.

After five long days she finally got her phone back. Crews says she is still locked out of her Apple ID.

She’s also been been going back and forth with the bank.

“I’m extremely upset with Uber for allowing the driver to steal my entire life,” Crews said.

A Uber spokeswoman says they will be reaching out the driver and Cara to help understand both sides of the situation.

The released a statement,

“It appears there may have been a miscommunication between Miss Crews and our support team and we apologize for the experience she described.

“We strive to provide high quality customer service each day and we make every attempt to help resolve issues quickly.”

On background: If a rider believes they have forgotten an item in a vehicle, we recommend the account holder (or the person who requested the ride) report it in their app and coordinate the delivery of the item with the driver.

Uber spokeswoman

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