Senator Bob Ballinger speaks at LR forum about ‘Stand Your Ground’ Bill

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — On Thursday, Senator Bob Ballinger and other state leaders held a community forum about the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Bill.

The event was put on by the Second Amendment Society at the William Bowen School of Law.

At Thursday’s forum, people were for the bill and said there shouldn’t be a law when it comes to someone attacking you and your family.

They say they’re going to protect their loved ones no matter what.

Bob Ballinger’s bill would expand the circumstances under which a person could use deadly force in defense of self or others, even if there was an option to exit the situation without resorting to violence.

Under current Arkansas law, a person may not use deadly force in self-defense “if the person knows that he or she can avoid the necessity of using deadly physical force” by safely retreating from the situation.

The bill failed to pass in March of 2019.

“The question right now is if the person is confronted with deadly force then how are they allowed to react to it. Are they allowed to react with deadly force or do they try to have to run away,” Ballinger said.

“We shouldn’t have to have any of these bills if you just read through the constitution,” Wayne Beech said.

Arkansas law already allows people to shoot a trespasser in the home who is a violent threat.

The bill will come up in the next Legislative session in 2021.

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