Thief robs Sherwood snow cone stand

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SHERWOOD, Ark.-“Would he have pistol-whipped me, or hit me in the back of the head if I would have seen him first? My night could have gone a lot differently and lot more violently,” Winter Joiner said.

A Sherwood woman counting her blessings after she was robbed at gun point while closing at work.

It happened at the Polar Delite Snow Cone stand on Highway 107.

It’s a very scary situation for Winter Joiner.

She told me she’s been nervous all day and couldn’t sleep much last night.

She’s been selling snow cones with her dad for several years and they’ve never had any problems.

“I’ve been working here almost my whole life,” Winter Joiner said.

Customer can’t get enough of the flavors.

“We got dream-sickle, orange, lime, lemon-lime,” Winter Joiner said.

But things went from sweet to sour as Joiner was closing shop Tuesday night.

“I remember thinking why is this happening,” Winter Joiner said.

Joiner says she was taking down umbrellas and cleaning up.

She heard a loud noise and saw a man coming from behind a freezer.

She says the man charged at her and demanded everything in the cash register.

“I was very confused and dazed,” Winter Joiner.

She says it happened fast.

“He was wearing a red ski mask, a dark blue shirt and that was all I could see,” Winter Joiner said.

Her dad Nathan says the thief got away with $350 dollars.

“The money is trivial, the fact that she wasn’t hurt. The fact that she is scared is the worst part of it,” Nathan Joiner.

A scary encounter that’s left Winter pretty upset.

“The biggest question is why what reason can you not get a job,” Winter Joiner said.

For now she’s grateful she still has her job and will continue dishing out sweet treats.

“No nothing would stop me from doing business,” Nathan Joiner said.

Joiner says she doesn’t remember much but, says the man drove off in a red car.

She wasn’t able to get a description of the car, make or model.

Police say they don’t have much information.

Nathan Joiner says they’re going to start closing early.

At the end of September, they will be out of season and will re-open in April.

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