Thieves ransack home after mom passes away in Cotton Plant

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COTTON PLANT, Ark.-“It’s sad that cotton plant has turned to this I mean ain’t nothing here these guys running around here don’t have anything to do,” Alfred Crenshaw said.

A Cotton Plant family is trying to figure out who ransacked their mother’s home after she passed away several years ago.

The family says they check on the home along East Lynch street every day but say someone broke into it Wednesday night and tore everything up. 

The family says Cotton Plant is a small community and they don’t understand why someone would do it.

Arthur Crenshaw walked through his mother’s home in Cotton Plant looking at the damage.

“We come by every day and check on it,” Arthur said.

“This where they got in right here…this rod here was over here,” he said.
The family says someone pried through a back door and tore everything up.

“Threw everything out I wonder what they were looking for but it ain’t nothing in here for them to get,” he said.

“Make me feel like catching somebody spends the night in here and wait for them to come back,” Arthur said.

His mother passed away several years ago. Her room had the most damage.

“Threw all the draws out and everything,” he said.

“Threw everything out the closed,” he said.

His brother Alfred not surprised by the damage.

“It’s sad and it’s a disgrace that someone comes in and ransacked your house, tear it up and this is not the first time it’s been done here in Cotton Plant,” Alfred said.

They filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office, but says not much will change in the tight-knit community.

“These guys that’s going back and forth to jail for stealing and breaking in start prosecuting them and locking them up,” he said.

Now, they’re left cleaning up a big mess.

The family says they’re still looking at some of the damage and trying to determine if anything was stolen.

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