Tik Tok bathroom vandalism challenge hits Beebe Middle School

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BEEBE, Ark – A new trend on social media has students defacing school property and now it’s a problem at another central Arkansas school. 

Beebe Middle School is the latest of several Arkansas schools that say they have had problems with the destruction of bathrooms in the last week. 

“We were hoping maybe it wouldn’t make its way down here to the middle school but unfortunately it has,” Beebe Middle School assistant principal Katrina Mills said. 

Mills says students at the middle school are around 10-12 years old, even if they don’t have social media, they’re still participating in the Tik Tok trend that encourages students to vandalize school bathrooms then post a video about it. 

“They’re definitely seeing those things or hearing them on the bus,” Mills said. 

Staff says the ‘pranks’ started out small with paper towels left on the floor or in toilets but in the last week the trend took off. 

“We’ve seen toilet seats removed, we’ve seen hand sanitizer, soap dispensers removed,” Beebe Middle School principal Paula Courson said. 

Courson says the school has also had issues with students pulling off sinks and destroying security lights this week making a mess for custodians and putting pressure on teachers. 

“It is discouraging for them because they can’t just send students to the bathroom anytime they want,” Courson said. 

The school says it is now keeping track of students’ time in the hallway and bathroom. Courson says students have to sign out and back sign in. If they we’re gone for too long or are signing out too much Courson says that raises a red flag. 

Courson says she hopes parents will talk to their students about the dangerous of this trend so when the parking lot fills again on Monday students can focus more on their studies instead of the latest trend. 

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