Video captures train sitting on track; men jumping through boxcars in NLR

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-A Union Pacific train stops on the tracks and blocks a busy road in North Little Rock.

Our Re’Chelle Turner captured video of a train stopped on the tracks near West 18th Street and Percy Machin Drive on Thursday.

People who live in the area say there is always a train sitting on the tracks.

A spokesperson with Union Pacific says it was a mechanical problem. They say the problem has been resolved.

“Union Pacific please do something about this crossing,” Jimmy Turner said.

Jimmy Turner is talking about the railroad crossing near West 18th Street and Percy Machin Drive in North Little Rock.

“The train is a hazard,” he said.

Turner says it seems like a train is always sitting on the track.

“Sometimes two or three hours and it will sit there and it will sit there in the afternoon and it does this every day,” Turner said.

Re’Chelle Turner sat at the crossing Thursday morning for 30 minutes.

She captured two men crossing between boxcars. It’s a problem Turner has seen before.

“There is a lot of kids that walk to North Little Rock High School I’ve watched them have to jump that train which is very dangerous,” he said.

The train stretched for several blocks down Percy Machin Road. Lee Drayer lives in the area. He says he is always taking detours.

“You used to going a certain way and then the train is there, then you have to go a little further,” he said.

Fox 16 spotted another train Thursday afternoon, it didn’t stop on the tracks, but we saw several people turning around because it moved along slowly for 25 minutes.

“Yea I’m kind of used to it,” Drayer said.

Union Pacific says it’s a mechanical problem but people are not buying it.

“It could cost someone their lives especially in a medical emergency I mean seconds mater,” Turner said.

“I just wish Union Pacific would be a little more considerate about people in this neighborhood,” Drayer said.

We reached out to the North Little Rock School District asking them if the bus driver complained about the train.

They sent us a response saying,”The transportation department says it is a problem for bus drivers. If the train is on the track when they approach, bus drivers have to make detours. It is a constant occurrence,” the District said.

We also reached out to North Little Rock police who say first responders will utilize different routes during emergencies.

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