Town’s beloved convenience store re-opens on July 4 after historic river flood


PERRY COUNTY, Ark. — A store known to many in a small town has re-opened after more than a month of flood recovery and re-build.

The Toad Suck One Stop in Perry county welcomed customers back on the Fourth of July after shutting its doors ahead of the historic river flooding in late May.

“This store right here is the heart of the community,” Richard Pelham says.

Pelham is a loyal customer who stopped by on Thursday afternoon before spending the holiday with family.

“Got me a corn dog, and we got our drinks.”

Pelham remembers the images of the convienence store surrounded by water and sandbags.

“If you seen the flood, it was four-and-a-half feet up in here,” Pelham says gesturing to the water’s height.

The family-owned business suffered water damage and started renovations as soon as receding waters would allow.

On Thursday, new, clean floors were on display with stocked shleves and gas pumps in place. A 14-year employee greeted customers as the came and went. Many of the customers expressed their excitement after walking in to the refurbished store.

Waving American flags surrounded the property, and holiday traffic returned to the place that people have become familiar with.

“That’s the best thing in the world. That’s America,” Pelham says.

“So, you can’t go wrong there.”

An auto body shop next to the Toad Suck One Stop is hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, July 6 to raise money for the Toad Suck One Stop’s repairs and damage costs. The $10 plate lunch is scheduled from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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