POPE COUNTY, Arkansas– We’ve learned new details about a wreck that killed a 4-year-old Pope County boy in Mississippi.

Back in May we reported 4-year-old Trently Miller died in a wreck that  his mother and 6-year-old sister survived. Both of them were injured.  

Mississippi Highway Patrol told us Friday that the toxicology report on the driver accused of running a stop sign then hitting the family’s car returned “positive for alcohol.”

MHP identified the driver as 22-year-old Christopher C. Marshall.

No arrest has been made. No charges have been filed. MHP Sgt. Ronnie Shive said the evidence will go to a grand jury in November who will then decide what, if any, charges will be filed.

The family gave us photos of what’s left of the Miller’s car after the wreck on May 5, 2018, in Sunflower County, Mississippi.

We’ve been following this story since May.

Adalynn Miller survived the wreck. She was out of her back brace when we met her at her grandmother’s Pope County home on Friday.

She showed us her nail polish and said, “Purple.”

The 6-year-old said dark purple is her favorite color.

But just about 3 months ago Adalynn was fighting for her life while her mother, injured in the wreck also, buried her baby brother Trently.

“I can’t even go near the department where the little boys clothes are because I think of Trently,” her grandmother Tina Gray told us.

We talked with the grieving grandmother inside her home Friday.

“I’m sorry,” Gray said as she could no long hold back tears while talking about her deceased grandson.

Pain and questions about the wreck that took her grandson haven’t faded in the months since the wreck.

Adalynn walked up to her grandmother and hugged her as she started to cry.

As she hugged Gray she said, “I did that to mommy when she cries.”

We reported in May that Addy and her mom survived the wreck that killed her brother.

Mississippi Highway Patrol said a 22-year-old driver ran a stop sign and smashed into the family’s car.

Gray said, “I pray every day that justice gets served because he truly deserves that […] He didn’t get to have a life.”

About 3 months after the wreck MHP Sgt. Ronnie Shive told us that the driver’s toxicology results returned as “positive for alcohol.”

When our reporter Price McKeon asked him about details and number he would responded that he could not release that information. Sgt. Shive said that it was above a BAC of .08.

No charges have been filed at the time of this article. No arrest has been.

Adalynn introduced us to the family’s new cat.

She said, “His name is Penelope.”

The happiness on the outside did not reflect the sadness inside the family.

Gray teared up as she remembered Trently, “Counting. Always counted. We’re used to him always counting. “One. “Two.”

Although the family knows time can’t heal all scars, but they said they hope time will tell to see if justice one day will prevail in their eyes.

Trently’s mother, who also survived the crash, told our reporter on the phone that although time goes by the emotions haven’t left her. She described grief intensifying, not dwindling as time continues.

Mississippi Highway Patrol said it expects the grand jury to hear the evidence in November. No exact date has been set, yet.