Truck explodes in flames at Beebe Burger King drive-thru


BEEBE, Ark. – A truck driver has been injured in an explosion at the drive-thru window of a Burger King restaurant.

It happened shortly after 1 p.m. Friday.

According to the Beebe Police Department’s Public Information Officer Steve Hall, the man driving the pickup had a propane tank in the truck bed. After a drive-thru worker told him “something is going on with that tank,” he got out to check on it and found it was leaking.

Ofc. Hall says it then caught fire, probably from static electricity. 

The explosion left a big mess and had people wondering when the establishment will open again.

“It went from zero to 100 like that,” Walker said.

That’s exactly what happened at Burger King in Beebe Friday afternoon.

“I looked over and was like man that truck is on fire,” Walker said.

Zach walker captured video of a truck in flames at the BK drive-thru.

“It was loud I mean you felt it. You saw the flames coming out the back of the truck and when it quit it went boom,” Walker said.

Beebe Police also released dashcam email.

“He came through the drive-thru window and as he was coming through the lady that was checking him out said I believe you have a propane tank that has a leak in it,” Captain Hall said.

The explosion left behind a mess.

“They had some damage on the outside, small amount of damage on the inside,” Captain Hall said.

Police made sure everyone got out of the fast food joint and away from the flames.

“I mean I’m thankful no one did get hurt. I’m glad everyone got out and hopefully the driver is okay,” Walker said.

“When I arrived the tank was spewing flame,” Captain Hall said.

When it comes to having it your way at BK, Zach other hungry customers will have to wait.

“My once a week meal right there. It’s my favorite place, it’s my favorite,” Walker said.

The driver was taken to the hospital, but there’s no further word on his condition. No one else was injured.

The building has damage on the outside and some on the inside.

The restaurant will be closed for at least two days. 

Original story:
BEEBE, Ark. – Witnesses say a truck exploded into flames at a Burger King drive-thru Friday afternoon. 

The incident happened at the Burger King located at 2326 W. Center Street. 

As you can see from the video above a truck blew up next to the drive-thru window. Video is courtesy of Zach Walker.

Authorities have yet to confirm details about the incident. 

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