TSA Drops Plan to Allow Small Knives on Planes

LITTLE ROCK, AR-The fight to allow small knives on commercial airline flights is over. The head of the Transportation Security Administration says he’s dropping the proposal because of fierce opposition.

Some of that opposition coming from right here in Northwest Arkansas. Local teacher Alyson Low petitioned against allowing knives on board, after her sister, Sara, was killed in the September 11 attacks.

Sara’s flight hit the north twin-tower in New York City, the 5 terrorists on board had box cutters and killed at least 3 on board before the crash.

“One of his biggest arguments is this will make the security process go faster .. personally it’s a slap. It’s a slap at the memory of everybody, not just Sara and not even just the crew members, but all of them,” said Low.

Back in march, a TSA administrator argued for the change saying security personnel need to focus on threats like explosives that could down a plane instead of small knives.

Members of Congress, flight attendants, air marshals and even much of the public opposed the idea.

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