TV Show Recaps – Grey’s Anatomy Recap: “Everybody’s Crying Mercy”

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Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is a mess … in more ways than one.

On Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Owen is trying to get the place back in working order following the super-storm, but it’s pretty much impossible since the board members are unable to get together. Meredith and Derek are on leave with their baby, Callie and Arizona aren’t speaking, and Cristina refuses to be alone with Owen. But at least one pair of doctors are on good terms as Alex and Jo finally take the next step in their relationship. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments from Thursday’s episode:

Casa de Shepherd: Three adults and three children make for quite a full house. Thankfully, Callie is there to assist the worn-out Meredith and Derek, who are afraid she’ll soon patch up her marriage and leave them all alone. At one point, Derek falls asleep in a parking lot at the market. Mer also falls asleep outside the shower while on the phone with Cristina. Looks like they’ve traded in tequila for baby formula!

Hospital on the fritz: Owen is frustrated that the board of directors hasn’t come up with a plan to fix the hospital. Unfortunately, that means Jackson is unable to do a pro-bono surgery, and the rest of the doctors are forced to reschedule their surgeries. Finally, Owen gathers everyone under the pretense of an emergency and gets them to help plan a fundraising gala, which will take place during next week’s 200th episode.

“Secret penis”: Alex and Jo haven’t had sex yet, which Cristina attributes to Jo secretly being a man. Jo is worried since Alex hasn’t made a move, but it turns out, he wants the first time to be special. In the end, to alleviate the pressure of waiting, Alex throws Jo over his shoulder and takes her to bed.

Calzona issues: They initially agree to couples’ therapy, but Callie is hesitant to go. Callie seeks advice from Cristina and Owen, who went through therapy before with iffy results. When Callie shows up before the session begins, she points out that they weren’t happy before the infidelity and she can’t get past Arizona sleeping with another woman. Instead of joining her in therapy, Callie suggests that Arizona should do it alone.

Moving on: Cristina refuses to be alone with Owen because she thinks they’ll just end up right back where they started. Instead, she tells Owen to finally move on and that they should start seeing other people.

Webber’s giving up: Frustrated that he’s not the man he once was, Webber is refusing certain treatments that will help him survive. When Meredith sneaks off to the hospital to make sure Webber gets a feeding tube, it’s Shane who steps up and forces him to take the tube. But Webber lashes out at Meredith, saying he only chose her to make decisions because he thought she wouldn’t bring emotion into it. Instead, she failed him and he’s upset that he chose the wrong person.

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