Two brothers swept up by rushing water in Carroll County, one drowns, the other missing


CARROLL COUNTY, Ark. — Carroll County Dispatch received a call of a possible drowning at the low water bridge on County Road 818.

Police say there were two brothers at the location getting ready to leave. Police say, one of the brothers, Sher Soe, 22 of Green Forest, told friends he was going to let the water sweep him away and ride the current down the creek.

According to witnesses, Sher walked out and the water swept him off his feet, causing him to be pulled into the rushing creek just below the low water bridge and was sucked under by the strong current. Waeh Soe, 27 also of Green Forest, witnessed his brother being swept under and jumped into the water, in an attempt to rescue him. This resulted in Waeh also taken under by the current. A third person, Jose Camaocho, witnessed the incident transpire and went into the water to assist the two brothers. Fortunately, Jose was able to escape the rushing waters and return to shore.

The body of Sher Soe was found downstream, a short time later by people who were also in the area. Unfortunately, Sher Soe had succumbed to the waters and was pronounced deceased by the coroner later arriving on scene.

Police say a search and rescue/recovery operation has been set up by the Mennonite Search & Rescue Team in effort to locate Waeh Soe and this operation is still underway.

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