Two local stylists working together after COVID-19 closed down their salons


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two local stylists are working together after COVID-19 closed down their hair salons.

Now they’re helping people in the community by teaching them ways to do their own hair. We sat down with them today.

“When this whole COVID-19 hit, it hit hard, so we had to come hard,” said Ricki Cole a hair stylist.

When the coronavirus shook their world in March, best friends and cosmetologist Whitney Easterling and Ricki Cole decided to make money another way.

“Just went full force, people need something we need to be able to give them something right now,” said Easterling.

Since shops are closed and people can’t come to them…

“We talked about it and said ‘Hey let’s do something for everybody’, said Easterling.

They’re taking their talents to new platforms… Social media, the duo hosts live videos on ways to braid, cut and style your hair, and if you’re not trying to do that, they’re making wigs.

“So when she creates the wigs I’m taking care of the hair underneath the wigs, she’s providing hair for on top the hair if they don’t want to wear their hair that way so we’re giving out clients options at this time,” said Cole.

It doesn’t stop there, they’re also selling hair products for folks who need them, and if you’re in town you can get them delivered, and although this national emergency hit so hard, these two believe it’ll make everyone stronger.

“When we get done with this everybody comes out strong, our clients are going to be more educated about their hair, we get to spend more time with our family and our friends, everybody’s more grateful,” said Easterling.

And as far as the future, these two see a picture of them working together and helping as many people as they can.

“Team work forever,” said Easterling.

If you want more information on their wigs or where you could find their other products, plus live videos click here. 

Facebook: Whitney Easterling and Ricki Cole 

For the weave disinfectant: 

Instagrams: @Styledbywhitneye & @therickicole

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