Update: Insurance Denies Coverage to Pottsville Teen Who Totals Car to Save Baby



POTTSVILLE, Ark. – A 19-year-old who says he drove off into a ditch to avoid hitting a woman carrying a baby on a blind curve is now being denied insurance coverage.

Cole Duvall’s Challenger was declared totaled in the wreck. Despite his efforts to avoid an accident that could have claimed the life of a woman and a 18-month-old child, Duvall’s auto insurance is denying to cover the cost to replace his vehicle. 

Duvall has said he was going about 45 miles per hour on West Ash in Pottsville. 

Original story:

POTTSVILLE, Ark – A small child is found wandering in the middle of a busy Pope County highway. Thanks to good samaritans, the baby narrowly escaped getting hit.

A 19-year-old says he took a blind curve going about 45 miles per hour on West Ash in Pottsville.

As soon as he saw another woman holding the baby in his lane, he took off into the ditch. 

Cole Duvall says his mangled car is the first vehicle he bought on his own. He never imagined this is what would happen to it. 

“I really didn’t have a second thought. It was either risk them or risk myself,” Duvall said. 

He says it was a rainy day and he was driving home from church Sunday afternoon. 

As he took the curve, he saw a woman holding an 18-month-old. The baby was wearing only a diaper. 

“It was a last second decision to turn and run off the road and hit the tree,” Duvall said. 

Pottsville Police Spokesperson Scotty Manning says moments before Duvall took the corner, a woman driving the opposite direction first saw the baby. He says she quickly stopped and picked the child. 

“She just wanted to make sure that child was okay,” Manning said. “Unfortunately, Mr. Cole had to sacrifice his car, but in the scheme of things, there lives were met in that corner and luckily it’s a good story to tell.” 

According to the police report, the mother lived nearby. She says through “spontaneous utterance” she feel asleep and didn’t know the child had left. 

Luckily, no one was injured. Cole says between himself and the other woman, he’s glad they saved the baby. 

Cole’s car is totaled. 

Pottsville police says the mother was cited for endangering the welfare of a minor and criminal mischief. DHS is also investigating. 

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