Update: No Charges Filed Against Monticello Woman in Murder for Hire Case

Update (Feb. 13):
MONTICELLO, AR — A woman being investigated for allegedly trying to hire a hit man to kill her former son-in-law will not face state prosecution.

Tenth Judicial District Prosecutor Thomas Deen has made the decision after reviewing the investigative file concerning the arrest of Mary Maloney.

He has determined that Maloney is entitled to a “renunciation defense” as spelled out in Arkansas law.

Deen says Arkansas law “provides for the defense of renunciation to the offense of solicitation and other inchoate offenses.”

On January 29th Maloney allegedly approached a man and said she wanted some people to disappear.

On the following day, investigators say Maloney said she would not be able to live with herself if she were to have the men killed.

The prosecutor concludes that Maloney voluntarily interrupted the planning.

Deen says the renunciation defense exists to diminish the risk that such a crime would be committed.

Original story (Feb. 7):
MONTICELLO, AR — A feud between a woman and her former son-in-law led to an arrest Friday afternoon.

The Drew County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) arrested Mary Maloney, 70, of Monticello for “Solicitation of Murder.”

According to the DCSO, Maloney approached one of her neighbors and said she wanted to have “two people disappear.” Investigators said the neighbor alleged Maloney then said she wanted the two people dead.

One of the intended victims, police said, was Maloney’s former son-in-law, Jim Hall.

“Well at first I laughed. Surely she’s not that crazy,” Hall told reporter Leah Uko. “I looked at him, I said, ‘you gotta be kidding. Who wants me killed?'”

Hall said he had gone through feuds over child custody with his ex-wife, Maloney’s daughter. He admitted he did not like his mother-in-law, but was shocked at the allegations.

Following an interview with Maloney, the DCSO arrested her on a $10,000 warrant for the charge of Solicitation of Murder. She posted bond the same night.

“It’s chump change,” Hall said, adding that he didn’t feel safe knowing a person accused of wanting him dead was roaming the same city in which he lived.

“I feel unsafe right now because she’s free,” he said.

DCSO investigators said they know who the other intended victim was, but wanted to notify this person first before releasing a name.

The investigation is still under way and when it is completed, the DCSO said information would be sent to prosecutor Thomas Deen, for official charges.

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