Urban deer abound as modern gun season nears

LITTLE ROCK, AR – As thousands of hunters get ready to hit the deer woods this weekend, we want to let you know how you can avoid meeting one of the nearly one-million deer in Arkansas on the road in a collision.

“Like most hunters, I started out as a little kid. My dad and my granddaddy carried me hunting,” says Daniel Colvin.

Now all grown up, Colvin runs Natural Gear, the world’s third largest camouflage supplier. Despite being in the city, Colvin sees deer at his Little Rock headquarters all the time.

“We have a lot of grounds here for deer and other wildlife,” Colvin says.

Monday night, it didn’t take long for us to spot several deer at Two Rivers Park. In Georgia, a deer crashed through a restaurant window this weekend before taking off.

“You see them a lot in urban areas and probably the one reason you’re seeing this time of year, it always happens during October and November is that it’s mating season, so the boys are out looking for the girls,” says Steve “Wildman” Wilson with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

The increases your chances of hitting a deer while driving.

Wildman tells us the biggest mistake people make is going too fast, and if you have to choose between hitting a deer or another car, always hit the deer. He also says if a deer is in the middle of the road after you hit it, wait til it is safe to go get it.

“Be very, very careful anytime you’re dealing with an injured animal. Especially deer, especially with their feet and their hooves,” adds Wilson.

Luckily, when Colvin hit a deer, he didn’t get hurt.

“It all happened so fast, I mean, it’s, you’re never prepared for anything like that,” he says.

Arkansas cities are permitted to hold urban deer hunts. Right now, seven hold urban hunts in which hunters have to use bows.

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