Using long irons


Long irons are among the most difficult clubs in your bag to master. They don’t give as much loft as the higher-numbered clubs or as much distance as the woods. The key to getting the most out of these clubs is to make sure that you get solid contact with the ball. These irons are designed with longer shafts and more solid heads, so you don’t have to hit the ball harder. The club itself will give you the distance you want as long as you strike the ball squarely. A smooth, steady stroke is a great aid in establishing solid ball contact. Try to work on developing smoothness during your practice sessions. If you’re having trouble with a particular club, switch to one of your favorites until you get the rhythm back. Then try the difficult club again, applying the same body and wrist action you used with your favorite. A few sessions with a local pro might help straighten out your long iron problems. If you’re really having problems with the long irons, you could look into some of the new advances in high-numbered woods that can replace some of your irons.

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