Vape shops to propose 2% tax to help stop underage vaping


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas vape stores are banning together to propose a new tax.

The idea behind this new tax is to address the issue of underage vaping but also to help keep their stores in business by not being over taxed.

The Arkansas Vape Advocacy Alliance has proposed a two percent sales tax on all E-Liquids that would be applied at the register during the checkout process.

“I’m hoping that from now until the fiscal session or even if there is a special session that we can work together with out legislators to come up with a solution that doesn’t hurt adult smokers that want a healthy alternative and also curb this underage usage,” says Scout Stubbs from the Arkansas Vape Advocacy Alliance.

Members of the AVAA say that anything above two percent would possibly push them out of business or push vapers to unregulated sites to purchase what they need.

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