Vaping THC at LR schools sparks concern among law enforcement


Concerns are growing after recent cases of Little Rock students getting caught under the influence of vaping ‘THC’ oils at schools, according to internal e-mails we obtained at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

A Little Rock Police Department report reveals at least one case at Central High School earlier this month, which resulted in a 16-year-old student being taken to the hospital to come “down from his high.”

The report states officers were called out after fellow students said one of their classmates was having a seizure. Officers found the student sitting outside class “shaking and rocking back and forth,” according to the police report. The student told officers he had taken hits from a vaping pen, which officers learned was full of “pure THC,” according to the report. He was taken to the hospital and was expected to be OK.

“The drug use needs to be taken care of,” Lisa Jordan says.

Jordan has a son in the 9th grade at Central High.

“I think there’s a lot that needs to be done, re-vamped.” 

A deputy at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office recently sent out an e-mail to county law enforcement, including the sheriff, alerting them to several cases of vapors full of THC getting “confiscated” from students at Little Rock schools. The deputy described vaping THC as “smokeless and odorless,” and mentioned that some students suffered complications from the vapor by passing out or having trouble breathing.

The Little Rock School District handbook bans E-cigs from school property, but stricter measures may be on the way, according to a district spokesperson.

LRSD released the following statement on Wednesday regarding recent reports of vaping THC on school grounds:

Smoking or Use of Tobacco Products/Possession of Matches, Lighters, Lighter Fluid or Tobacco Product/E-cigarettes or any other alternative nicotine products on school grounds, at a school-related function or on the school bus is prohibited…however, due to increased concerns regarding vaping nationwide, we will be reevaluating our handbook and will be proactive in our approach regarding this subject. 

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