Victim of Monday’s Conway Beating Speaks out


CONWAY, AR – Neighbors say Monday around noon they saw a 19-year-old stumble out of a local home with a number of injuries.

“The last hit they hit me with was the one that split my head open,” he says, asking not to be identified.

The victim says the attack left injuries like staples in his head and cuts on his body.

“Like thinking about it realizing a couple more hits. I wouldn’t have walked out of there,” he says.

The victim says he was alone at a friend’s house on the corner of Donaghey and Prince when two men wearing white bandanas over their faces found him in a room and started hitting him.

“I thought it was my friends coming back getting something. But when I seen the gun, that’s when I realized that ain’t no joke,” the victim says.

Fearing for his life, he chose not to fight back.

“I just sat there and relaxed. You just might as well stop so you don’t get shot,” he says.

A friend of the victim did tell police he believes the two attackers are members of a suspected gang in Conway known as the “Squad 3 Crew.”

Conway Police say a gang intelligence officer is looking into the crime.

As for the victim, he’s trying to forget about the whole thing.

“I just want to stay away from them. This is probably just a little bit of it. It could probably be a whole lot worse the next time. I just want to put it in my back pocket and not think about it,” he says.

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