Victims Scammed Out of Hundreds With Fake Dillard’s Cards

LITTLE ROCK, AR — A scam selling worthless Dillard’s shopping cards for hundreds of dollars has Little Rock Police hunting a suspect.

“You’re taking from people who work hard for their money,” said victim Jessica Rogers.

Rogers and her mother were looking for a deal when they met a woman offering a Dillard’s card supposedly worth $860. The woman was selling the card for just $500.

“She read the numbers on the cards to the woman over the phone,” Rogers said.

After the woman on the phone verified the amount, Rogers says her mother became suspicious. But before she could stop the deal, the suspect snatched the money and left.

Another victim sent us her Facebook conversation with the suspect.

“I got some Dillard’s cards for sale,” the suspect wrote. She said they were worth $500. She was only charging $250.

“This is one of those incidents where people just see something, it looks like it a great deal,” said Lt. Sidney Allen with the Little Rock Police Department.

In both cases, when the victims took the cards to Dillard’s they found there was no money on them.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is,” Allen said.

In one of the cases, the suspect allegedly met the victim in a parking lot at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and claimed she needed money to buy medicine for her sick child.

Rogers says she learned her lesson and hopes others don’t fall for the trick.

Little Rock Police tell us they believe there are other victims. They do have have a suspect, but they’re not releasing the suspect’s name while they verify her identity.

FOX16 will let you know if they make an arrest.

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