Video: Officers vs Parent at HS Basketball Game

ATKINS, AR — Video has been released showing an altercation between a spectator and officers at a high school basketball game in Pope County.

Exactly what led to this ugly incident and how it played out’s been the subject of much debate in two communities.

The video shows high school girls flee across the court getting away from a parent battling with two officers during the Atkins vs Danville girls basketball game January 16th.

It all started near the end of the first quarter when the parent from Danville walked onto the court during a time out.

He’s confronted by the Atkins school resource officer and an off duty, plain clothes Pope County Deputy.

They are forcefully removing the parent when they go down on to court and the struggle continues.

According to a police report, the Atkins officer pulled out his taser, shocking the parent and, by accident, himself.

“It’s just an unfortunate incident,” said Atkins schools superintendent Mark Gotcher: “I’m just glad no one was hurt, and I’m glad it’s behind us.”

The police officer did cut his hand but no injuries were serious.

Witnesses from Atkins told investigators the officers acted appropriately because Hodges refused to leave the court.

But the coach from Danville said a referee was picking on Hodges’ daughter to the point she was in tears and grabbed Hodges when he onto the court.

Some one the Danville side believe the officers and referees acted inappropriately — too quickly put on a full court press in response to a concerned parent. 

“A lot of things could’ve gone worse in that situation,” Gotcher said.  “We’re proud of the Atkins Police Department and our county that assisted.”

Roy Hodges was initially charged with a felony, but this week he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges. He won’t serve any jail time, but for one year, he won’t be allowed to attend any school sponsored athletic events in Pope, Johnson or Franklin counties.

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