LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— Little Rock Police say multiple students have been arrested and dozens cited for a string of fights at Little Rock Southwest High School.

According to Little Rock Police, a ‘handful’ of students have been arrested since the beginning of the school year and 28 people have been cited for the violence inside.

“Those are numbers obviously larger than we would like,” said Michael Poore, LRSD Superintendent.

Reports we obtained from police detail kids ganging up on one another. According to police, in one instance, four students punched, kicked, and stomped another minor with “no remorse.”

Another report says one student threatened a security guard saying he would “cause him harm, catch him in the streets, and do something bad to him.”

Poore says he believes the pandemic is partially to blame, saying many students have been virtual and have gone without face-to-face interaction.

“I think when you’ve had two years more or less of disruption in the learning environment, that’s a challenge,” said Poore.

One parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent a video to the newsroom showing a staff member being punched by a student at school.

“The disrespect these kids have for their teachers is just unbelievable, our teachers shouldn’t have to put up with that,” she said.

This parent says the violence is getting worse at Southwest High and she fears for her child’s safety.

“It’s kind of scary. You never know what’s going to happen. It’s worrying me,” said the parent.

With more videos like this continuing to circulate social media, Poore says it’s going to take everyone both at school and at home to stop the fights.

“It really takes all of us, we all have to communicate and work together and I’m confident we can do that,” said Poore

Police say multiple students have required medical attention following the fights.

Poore says students will be suspended or expelled if caught participating in the violence.